Countdown to vacationland.

August has arrived and we can start counting down the days until we embark on our (much needed) summer vacation. Many things need to be arranged prior to leaving, like who's going to watch our pup and stay in our house, lining up guest bloggers while I'm away (do Mexican resorts provide wi-fi?), making sure work doesn't hate me for leaving them for an entire week, and of course, what to wear on our warm exotic getaway. I'm definitely a planner and a to-do lister so I'm starting my lists early (27 days early). I've also added Cabo San Lucas to my iphone weather app, I like to compare weather differences from here and Mexico and then day dream about how tan I'm going to be after laying out poolside and drinking fruity slushy cocktails for a week. After we return, it's going to be the start of some crazytown (brother's) wedding/(baby shower) party planning/more trip taking and other shenanigans so I'm really looking forward to a week of relaxing nothingness. Let the countdown begin!