Cabo San Lucas, here we come!

Okay okay, my countdown is over. As of 5:00pm this evening, I have deemed myself a vacationer with a mission (to relax and work on my tan). I realize this would perhaps be more exciting to others if we were off to some exotic faraway country (I'm thinking Thailand), but for us, it's the first vacation of the entire year. So it's pretty big deal for us. I think this is a much needed break for both Chris and I from work-land. I am sad about leaving little Roxy for these next few days but I know Chris' brother will be taking amazing care of her (and our house). A special shout out to Adam Mieuli! I've managed to pack everything away in my tiny carry-on suitcase so it's time for Chris and I to get some shut-eye before our big travel day tomorrow. Cabo, here we come!

photo found here.