Renegade Craft Fair.

The Renegade Craft Fair came to San Francisco and I cleared my Sunday to devote an entire day to wandering the aisles of the fair. My cousin Elizabeth told me about the fair last year and I'm definitely hooked! I love being able to buy work directly from the person who made it. It's such an inspirational environment to be in. There were about a million things I wanted to take home with me but some how only walked out with 2 purchases (the Fox crewel kit from Tako Fibers and the California print from 3 Fish Studios). Here are some (but not all) of the crafts I loved. I can't wait for the Holiday Renegade Craft Fair!

renegade craft fair, shannon gerard beard revue

man's face stuff

kyler designs, jason munn

w.ho made it, homako

tako fibers, mary beth's art little korboose paper anniversary co., dutch door press all photos by jforjamie ©

tako fibers, 3 fish studios