Happy birthday, my dear!

Today is Chris' big 3-0! Chris is a lovely human being with infinite amounts of talent, intelligence, charisma and patience. Boy am I one lucky gal! We celebrated his birthday a little early when I threw him a celebration down in San Jose. I had it at our friends Joe and Jer's lovely home in their beautiful courtyard. It was a warm and beautiful Saturday and our friends and family came from all over to celebrate. I themed the party around one of Chris' favorite things, Bay Area sports. I wanted to serve foods we love to eat at the ballgames so I catered Rosamunde Sausages from San Francisco, I made Cha Cha cups (a spin off of Cha Cha bowls), Kettle Korn, pizza, red vines and of course Cracker Jacks! I also wanted to celebrate Chris and utilize the adorable pictures his mom helped me find so I incorporated them into the labels and decor. I think Chris is ready as ever to take on 30...despite all the moaning and groaning about it. Happy birthday my darling, here's to a fabulous year!

all photos by jforjamie ©