Sol Food.

There is an amazing Puerto Rican restaurant in San Rafael (a city located across the Golden Gate Bridge) that my sister introduced me to recently. It's called Sol Food, cleverly named after it's owner Sol Hernandez. The food is amazing, made per order, the portions are hefty and the prices are surprisingly reasonable. It's one of those restaurants you go to when you've had a long day and just want to have a home-cooked-like meal without all the hassle. Not to mention the restaurant itself is adorable and decorated just like the food is made - thoughtful and homey. My favorite dish is the Pollo al Horno which comes with their signature chicken, marinated in oregano and garlic, then baked. It comes with rice, beans, organic salad and a garlic or sweet plantain (or both!). The best part of the meal is the Te Helado, a mango orange iced tea served in a humungous mason jar. Knowing how much I love this restaurant, Chris recreated my favorite dish at home (since it takes about 35 minutes to get there from Berkeley). He did an superb job and even made the sweet plantains! (Oh and yes, his beard and hair are unusually long and untrimmed in this picture). Can't wait for our next Sol Food outing!


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