Please, please, pretty please pick me!

One of my favorite bloggers/the person who taught me how to letterpress, is giving away a trip to Paris to a (very) lucky reader! See the giveaway here. Paris was by far my favorite place to visit during my life in Europe and now I want to experience it as a post-grad adult and with my own true love! (or my mom, I can't decide who I'd take with me) This time around, it would be nice to visit the romantic city with a little more financial cushion and not as a penny-pinching-hostel-staying-starving-student. Regardless, I'll now be sitting at work daydreaming about delicious croissants, crème brûlée, sitting on the steps of Montmartre and seeing the Tour de Eiffel at night. My fingers are crossed for this giveaway, wish me luck!

my only wish is to return to Paris.