Late Night Snack Party Favors by Kristina.

My friend/co-worker, Kristina (who's blog can be found here), recently helped make her cousin's 30th birthday party treats. She got the idea from Alice in Wonderland and I think they're adorable! It's amazing what simple tools like a label maker can do for a project. Kristina and I are collaborating on a very special project together so I was thrilled when she shared these with me. The party was held at the Cigar Bar in San Francisco, and these favors were available for the guests to snack on their way home.

lovely photos from Kristina A.

On another note, I received this e-mail from Public Bikes today. I'm pretty excited that stripes are so in right now and I love that I can stripe out my own Public Bike. I think this is a must-have for my lovely bike. I love the idea of finding inspiration from different places around the world (how do I score that job?). By the way, Public is the name of a San Francisco bike company, not a literal term for sharing a bike with other people. I'm trying to convince Christopher to get one so we can ride around town together...couples that bike together, stay together!

everyone should own a public bike.