Klementine comes to town.

My friend Klementine came to stay with us this past weekend. Klem and I have been friends for a long time, we weathered through high school together and she kept me sane during our journalism days. Klem just graduated (yay!) from the French Culinary Institute in New York City so I wanted to impress her with Northern California's vast selection of gourmet food. We took her to all our favorite staples of Berkeley: Summer Kitchen Bakeshop, Ici, Philz Coffee, Grégoire., Everett & Jones BBQ and Miette Bakery (phew!). We also spent some time wandering Telegraph Avenue and the UC Berkely campus (which we've never done before). We didn't want to neglect San Francisco, so we went out for dinner and drinks and met up with another friend, Laura, who's from Visalia but lives in the city. It was definitely a busy, gourmet-filled weekend but I always love hanging out with Klem because she makes me (and Chris) laugh until my stomach hurts. I think I may have even convinced Klementine to move up here when she comes back to California!