A tribute to the best dad a gal can have.

My mother was raising 3 kids in the Bay Area on her own (and doing a damn good job of it) for almost a decade when Morey came into our lives. He gave all of us a second chance at a "normal" life and it is because of him I grew up in the lovely town of Visalia. He took us away from the turbulence and turmoil of single-parenting and he and my mother provided my sister and I with a comfortable and happy childhood. It is from Morey I got my love of Frank Sinatra, a cheesy sense of humor, the appreciation of a delicious steak, the skills to find a good sale, an unfading work ethic and a playful and energetic outlook on life. He comes armed with a funny joke and an impeccable sense of style. It is this day and every day of the year I tribute to Morey, the best dad a daughter can ask for. Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads in the world.