Weekend roadtrip.

My bags are packed and I'm anxiously waiting for the clock to hit 3pm so the girls and I can get on the road to LA. I'll be spending my long weekend with some of my girlfriends (see below) in the city of angels brunching, sun bathing, dancing, hiking and lots and lots of belly-aching laughing (these girls will do that to you). I'm in dire need of a relaxing girls' weekend so I'll be putting work and all things stressful out of my mind for the next 3 days. Chris will be staying at home watching Roxy and probably lots and lots of basketball and baseball. Hope you will be doing something fabulous and/or relaxing as well! Happy weekend! In other big news: Chris' sister had a baby this week! Hadley Susan Monroe Wirick was born on Monday, May 23rd. Congratulations Mieuli and Wirick family, can't wait to meet her!