Mom's Day.


Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day with a delicious homemade brunch and a surprise guest for our mom. My sister Jasmine came over bright and early and we prepared a breakfast suitable for a queen. On the menu was salmon and spinach quiche, roasted potatoes, nutella + marscapone french toast, fresh fruit salad, Masse's croissants, coffee + orange/carrot juice. To add a special touch, we used Jordan Ferney's Mother's Day printables to put on top of the food. During brunch, my dad (who drove for 4 hours to come up) surprised my mom at my front door. We spent the rest of the day wandering around the 4th Street shops and enjoying the beautiful weather. My mother is the hardest worker I know and deserved a (much needed) day of relaxing, I think every day should be Mother's Day!

I'm thankful for my mom because... 1. she stands by everything we decide to do in life (and is never the tiger mother). 2. she always encourages us to go in the right direction but still supports us when we don't. 3. she convinced me to play the violin and stick to it throughout college (I'm forever indebted to her for bringing the appreciation of music into my life). 4. she's funny + independent + motivated and she has instilled these qualities in each of her 3 children. 5. (duh) her cooking. 6.  she picks up her phone at all hours of the night and day, armed with advice only a mother can give. 7. she is a warrior and everything I hope to be when I become a mother. 8. she taught me how to sew/cook/speak cantonese/stick up for myself/a million other things

On another lovely note, this weekend my little cousin Victoria graduated cum laude from the University of the Pacific with her Bachelor of Science degree. Not only did she graduate with honors, but she did it in 2 1/2 years! Victoria is amazingly talented and motivated and we are all so proud of her accomplishments. Victoria will move on to the UOP dental program in the fall, carrying on the family dentistry legacy. Congratulations and go Victoria!

the future Dr. Victoria Choi.