An ideal Friday.

This is my post-work Friday evening. I come home early from work (hooray for early Fridays!), we head over to Chris' grandpa's house so he can do some pool work while Roxy and I lounge in the sun, we head home, Chris makes a delicious steak dinner with artichokes and roasted potatoes. Then we watch Friday Night Lights while playing Scrabble (the board game, not the iphone app) and spend the evening relaxing. I also get to squeeze in some crafts while Chris feeds me chocolate covered strawberries. Okay the chocolate-covered strawberries isn't happening but better yet, Chris is putting in a load of laundry while I peruse the web for pretty things. Ah, the sweet life of ours. I love our quiet Friday date nights! Tomorrow we'll begin our weekend mayhem starting with an early morning corporate sample sale, followed by a birthday celebration for my co-worker. Sunday, we'll be avoiding the city at all costs while the 100th Bay to Breakers is taking over the city (no prancing through the city as Lady Gaga for me this year.) Happy weekend everyone!

chris' friday night dinner cookout.

the best part of my day.