A lovely new garden.


Chris and I made a trip to the store yesterday and purchased some lovely summer flowers and herbs to plant in our newly renovated (but barren garden). Our front yard has been needing some loving for a very long time so this was a project we've been waiting to accomplish for sunny Berkeley days. We found old wooden wine crates one day while driving around in Berkeley which Chris drilled holes in and I planted our new flowers in. I like having them in a portable box so we can move them around if needed. I also got to use my new pots I got at Anthropologie, and along our front wall, we planted some California native wildflowers (so excited for the poppies!) which should spring up in 2-4 weeks. Chris spent some time in the backyard, cleaning up the weeds and planting some basil and mint in crates we found at the house when we moved in.

Upcoming outdoor projects: 1. a backyard vegetable garden 2. cleaning up Chris' grandpa's yard (more on that later) 3. finding a home in our yard for my new rose bush and calla lilies

before: a yard that needs our love.

after: cleaned up the yard and added a few flowers, a world of difference!

our new plants.