My post-work computing time has been solely dedicated to the upcoming parties I'm planning (hence the lack of posting). I've been asked to create the cake and party favors for my adorable little cousin who's turning 3 in June. I'm also planning the big 3-0 birthday bash for my beau and I've been asked to head a lovely shower for a lovely bride getting married in early October. Also for which I'll be making the flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow and the ceremony "money box". It's going to be a busy busy Spring but I'm so excited for these projects, the wheels are turning 24/7. This Sunday, my family is throwing a belated Easter party, Easter egg hunt and all, and I'll be "interviewing" little Christine to see what she's into these days (previously it was Mickey Mouse) so I can make a cake and party favors she'll be sure to love. As for this weekend's Easter party, I've been so inspired by all the Easter parties featured here, I can't wait to help decorate this Sunday!

easter egg hunt inspirations.

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