A weekend getaway.

Chris and I returned home last night relaxed, refreshed and renewed from our little getaway 3-day vacation. We spent the weekend hidden away in the depths of Yosemite National Park to hike, sleep, eat and be merry. Aside from some of the roads and trails being closed due to snow, it was the perfect time of year to go, not overridden by tourists/tour buses/bears and there was still snow on the ground. The beautiful weather made for a a very picturesque weekend (you can take a picture of just about anything in Yosemite and it will be beautiful). I'm still amazed at how close I grew up to this park and how rarely my family took advantage of our close proximity (to be fair, my parents aren't exactly the hitch-an-RV-to-the-truck-and-go-camping folk). Several times throughout the trip, my breath was taken away by the beauty/massiveness/peacefulness of Yosemite. I'll try to spare you the postcard-esque pictures (just Google "Yosemite" to see those) and share my favorite moments of the weekend. Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!