"A passageway from civilization to natural splendor."

Tomorrow we will be embarking on a much need and anticipated weekend getaway, just the two of us, no work/computers/iphone usage. We decided on Yosemite National Park, I grew up just 2 hours away from there but since my parents aren't the type to pitch a tent, build a fire or ward of bears (isn't that what you do when you go camping?), I've never really explored this West Coast wonder. We're leaving our busy lives (and doggy-child) behind to take a moment for ourselves and relax in the wilderness. Thankfully, we'll be staying in a civilized hotel (no tenting and shared bathrooms for me please) but we'll be spending the days wandering the beautiful park and taking loads of photos. Thanks to Chris' brother who's house/dog/bike sitting while we're away. Whilst reading up on Yosemite, I came across this NY Times article about the park through the eyes (and lens) of photographer Ansel Adams. Hope to see his family's museum while we're there!

yosemite by ansel adams.