A birthday celebration in Point Reyes.


Roxy, Chris and I packed up the car and headed up to Marshall, CA to spend the day at Tomales Bay Oyster Company with our lovely friends, Stormy and her boyfriend (also named) Chris. It was a sort of make up birthday celebration for Stormy since we had to miss her actual birthday last weekend (attending the baby showers). We also met another lovely couple, a co-worker of Stormy's and his ladyfriend, Brandon and Leticia. We spent the day shucking, barbecuing, playing games and walking along the beach. The location was perfect, a short drive but felt like we were in a whole different country, and the weather was chilly but beautiful. We bought 2 bags of fresh oysters that we shucked and ate raw with some delicious sauces Stormy made. Roxy spent the day chasing the lone cat that appeared out of nowhere and exploring (she is exhausted and currently snoring next to me as I type). We love getting to spend time with Chris and Stormy and this was the perfect location and day trip to do so. We can't wait to go back during the summer when the weather warms up. I highly recommend this to anyone who lives around here or is up visiting, it's another (not so hidden) gem of California.