Travels with Jamie.

I never got to properly brag about my adventures in Europe (with the exception of Facebook). Every once in a while, something here (in the US) will remind me of my time there and I feel caught off guard with thoughts like, "Why did I ever leave that place?" or "Man, I really knew what 'quality of life' meant back then!" A few years ago, I packed up all my things and jetted off to live in Milan, Italy for a year (no, not Eat Pray Love style, it was for a study-abroad erasmus program). During my time there, I met some beautiful people (literally and figuratively), fell into some amazing friendships, ate tons of delicious food (pizza mostly) and learned a gazillion things about myself and about the world. Of course, I could go on and on with that list. As each year goes by since I've come back, I learn to appreciate the experiences I had there more and more and when those memories pop into my mind, I'll be sharing them here. Accomplishing my year there sometimes makes me want to pick up again and move to a far away country (or NYC) but I also love the Bay Area too much. Oh well, maybe one day before the ring and the kiddos come. For now vacations, weekend getaways and some blog reminiscing will do!

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