To Joe & Jeremiah


I gush over my wonderful friends (see post about Stormy Neff) so I'd like to dedicate this post to my lovely friends Joe & Jeremiah. Over the weekend, we spent some time with them and a handful of their good friends celebrating Jer's birthday and it just reminded me of how lucky I am to have people like this in my life. Joe and Jer are the two of the most loving/kind/patient/caring people I have ever met. They have been together for 6 years (and going strong!) and epitomize what I strive to attain in my own relationship. Their mutual love and respect for each other is expressed in every facet of their lives and apparent to anyone who's around them. I thank my lucky stars that my sister Jasmine brought them into our lives a few years ago and we have since become near and dear friends (and adamant Gaga fans). So happy birthday Jeremiah and cheers to you and Joe!