I awesome socks you.


Our house is in shambles at the moment (due to a horrendous mold problem which is due to the horrendous weather), our dog has a reoccurring ear infection, our landlord is the cheapest man alive and has instructed several men to come to our house and dig a deep ditch around it, we're sleeping in our office and it's down-pouring  rain (and doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon). All the while, you have handled everything (and more) with grace, fortitude and composure. Whenever we're faced with challenging or unexpected situations, it is you who holds it all together and remind me that everything is going to be okay. So thank you Christopher Mieuli - for being the calm in the eye of the storm and the manly man of the house. We are the A-team (cue theme music) and I'd be lost without you. For this, I awesome socks (love) you.