A place to think.


The rain let up (for most of the day) so I took advantage of my early day off work and took my bike out (for the second time!) for a stroll around the neighborhood. I've been wanting to check out Aquatic Park since we moved in but always find myself gravitating closer to the ocean along the Berkeley Marina (which is just a foot-bridge away). So my bike and I rode around Aquatic Park and I even found a new think spot by the water (what I call a lovely place to sit/relax/think/release/clear my mind). It's so peaceful out there and the perfect place to ride and release the week's stress. I can't wait until the weather warms up and the puddles dry out so I can take little Roxy for strolls (plus there aren't as many squirrels out there to torment her). Can't wait for more adventures on my new bike!

meet my new bike.