Post lull.


Man oh man. My lack of consistent blog posting is due to my extreme un-desire to open (or even look) at my computer when I get home from work. My only exception has been to do some freelance work for some blogging friends of mine, or to research the perfect (and warm) destination for much-needed our vacation. I've been following a no-computing after 6pm ritual and the hours of my life I've gained back from avoiding all things Facebook/Perezhilton/Youtube, have been well spent. However, this isn't the stone-age nor  do I come from the 18th century and the computer, by any means, isn't my enemy so I've decided to simply limit my post-work computing hours. It will be dedicated to blogging and other more necessary-type things (like booking a vacation to Mexico) so I can focus on being a better girlfriend/sister/dog-owner/caller backer/snail-mailer/crafter/photographer/etc. I also just bought a bike and started volunteering with a community magazine so I'm on track for my 2011 Resolutions!