Letterpress Love.

I treated myself to a little graphic designer's bliss and just signed up for an Oh Happy Day Letterpress Business Card class. I can't wait see what creative juices flow in a 4 hour letterpress class - and to top it all off, I'll be leaving with my own beautiful letterpress business cards! I have a couple months to create my own design so I'll be all set and ready to go when the April class comes along. Here is some letterpress eye candy for you to enjoy. Also, an amazing video I found of behind the scenes of good ol' fashion book making. This video reminds me why I love handbound books and I can't bring myself to succumb to a digital reader. Hand craft is in my veins now and there's no turning back. I love letterpress!

oh happy day classes.

the space between, enormous champions.

ampersand letterpress print, inksie.

ctrl + z, paperwheel.

the complex of all of these, by january press.