Tasty ventures (and a friend named Stormy).

I've been saying for a long time that I need to venture out of my restaurant safe zone and try new restaurants around the Bay Area. After all, Northern California is known for its delicious and fresh cuisine and I'm living right in the middle of it all! For Saturday brunch and on a friend's recommendation (thanks Louis + Yvonne!) we went down the street to Cafe Fanny, a casual stand up food bar with a delightful brunch/lunch menu to appease hungry taste buds. This is another amazing staple of Alice Waters (along with Chez Panisse). These Alice Waters restaurants are the epitome of Berkeley cuisine - fresh ingredients, produced sustainably, and so tasty you want to try everything on the menu. I ordered the Poached Farm Eggs with prosciutto di Parma & Levain toast and Chris had a Roasted Pork sandwich with celery root remoulade, aioli and frisee. The sun finally came out and the weather was surprisingly warm so we had a lovely (and much need football-watching-break) lunch on the Cafe Fanny outdoor patio.

cafe fanny, berkeley.

Last night, I ventured into the city to meet my good friend Stormy for an overdue girls' night dinner date. After a very thorough Yelp search, we decided to try a fairly new restaurant in SOMA called Skool. The food was amazing and sure enough, everything was school-themed, including the menu which was printed on 3-hole punch binder paper on clipboards. Since it is a "fish focused" restaurant, we munched on some delicious Ceviche and Uni Flan appetizers and for dinner we ordered the steamed mussels and mushroom risotto. I wait to go back one day after work for their "Detention Hall Happy Hour".

skool, san francisco.

Aside from the amazing dinner, I have to give an endearing shout out to my friend Stormy. I tell you, every girl should have a girlfriend like Stormy (and yes, that is her real name). Not only do we relate on basically every level in life (our crazy Asian mothers, our boyfriends named Chris, work, friends, etcetera), she is a sincere and genuine friend who truly listens to what you have to say and speaks to you with compassion and heartfelt meaning (and somehow, at the same time, making you laugh consistently for 3 hours straight). When I talk to her, we have conversations that are real and honest. She helps me see everything in a brighter and more rational point of view. I felt so refreshed after spending the evening with Stormy and drove home reflecting on how grateful I am to be blessed with people like Stormy in my life.

stormy (+ thunder).