Moustache Extravaganza.

How does a 27-year-old celebrate her coming of age? Why, with a moustache party of course! My sister brought her 27th year in with a bang and threw a Moustache Extravaganza this weekend. It consisted of moustaches (of all shapes, sizes, and colors), a pinata, my sister breaking a broom in half (hulk style), and some crazy memories of the night (which Chris and I happily snapped photos of). Oh and not to mention, the weekend Extravaganza was far from over when the next day, we took a personal group tour of (wait for it...) prison! What goes better with a moustache than that?? (I suppose a glass of milk.) Thanks for an eventful weekend Jas, happy birthday!

sport the 'stache. (photo credit to jodi brown)

must have this moustache mug.

Update: More moustache madness! Thank you Chicken!