Bringing back the soap bar.

Yes, I'm going to do a post dedicated solely to soap. I am a firm believer in a clean bathroom as well as a well decorated and accessorized one (our bathroom is a work-in-progress). After all, it's the first place you go (pun intended) in the morning and one of the last rooms you see before going to bed.  Being the germ/dirty bathroom-phob' that I am,  using soap bars has always been somewhat of a disgusting concept to me. Of course, I find unused soap bars a fragrant and delightful accessory for a bathroom counter - especially wrapped in beautiful packaging and placed on an adorable soap dish; however, our own soap usage comes strictly from the liquid-antibacterial stuff. Until now. I came across this brilliant hybrid of a cheese grater and soap dish designed by Natalie Stämpfli.

natalie stämpfli: soap flakes.

grate your soap.

And, while we're on the topic of soaps, soap bars, and bathroom accessories, here are some lavatories and must-haves to wander through (and purchase).

adorable, simple (and clean!) guest bathroom.

lovely  + wrapped.

make your john lovely with painted wall art.

must haves for every bathroom.

a lovely lavatory.