Tree glee.

I'm allergic to Christmas trees. Or pine trees in general for that matter. I learned this horrific fact as a small child, evidently during Christmas. We used to have our big family Christmas at my aunt's house, she would buy a tree as tall as the tallest point in their house, and on Christmas night (we were a start-celebrating-Christmas-around-9-at-night-and-continue-the-celebration-into-the-wee-hours-of-the-night type of family) everyone would come and put their 20+ gifts under the tree. As a family tradition, we would take guesses at how many total presents were under the tree, 1 guess = $1. As a small/curious/over-excited child, I hung out by the tree a significant amount of time trying to guess the exact number of gifts (and how many were for me specifically).  Back to my allergy, right before present opening time, I would always break out in big lobster-red itchy hives. It took a couple years to realize it was the beloved beautiful Christmas tree causing this anguish. Therefore, my mom hasn't gotten a Christmas tree in almost 20 years, I've never been to a Christmas tree farm, and the smell pine in our home this time of year comes from air fresheners and candles. We settle for the Christmas tree alternative or a hideous fake tree. I guess the bright side is that we don't participate in the killing of trees this time of year. I did find some amzing Christmas tree alternatives that makes me wish this holiday decorating business was year round so we could have something like this up in our house all the time.

two-dimensional tree.

wood and wool stool.

bottle tree (for the dudes).

make use of vintage ornaments.