Home Sweet Berkeley.


It's been 9 whole days since we moved to our new place and I adore it. I love taking BART every morning (as opposed to taking the dreadful bus everyday), talking to the local BART newspaper guy (who kindly and generously gave me his last and sold-out Giants World Series newspaper I inquired about last week - this happening after I stepped on dog poop so it instantly brightened my morning). I love our home, and our SPACE to roam around in, not to mention our spare room that is now our office/craft/guest/music room/creative space/Chris' mancave. I love spreading out in the living room with Chris and Roxy to watch a gushy movie. I love making/eating dinner in our spacious kitchen and finally using (and purchasing) nice kitchen stuff and not worrying about roommate destruction. I love our after dinner walks and how everyone in Berkeley feels the need to say "hello" as you're passing them on the street. I love the old eclectic Berkeley homes sprinkled throughout the neighborhood, and I must admit, I'm enjoying being back in the calm and quiet 'burbs. I love that there's access to boutiques to satisfy my shopping thirsts and local restaurants for our taste buds to explore. Most of all, at the risk of sounding cheesy, I love coming home after a long day's work to be greeted by my happy dog and smiling boyfriend. Alright, enough gushing. Thinking about ordering one of these great prints to hang in our entry way. Randomly came across her blog and loving her work!

Home Sweet Home by Valentina Ramos.