The end of an era.

Yesterday I said goodbye (for now) to my co-workers. It's funny how 9-5 jobs work, when you start seeing your co-workers more than you see your own family. Friendships form, drama unfolds (yes, just like in high school and college) and sometimes you learn a little more about people than you ever wanted to know. I have to give credit to some of my colleagues that made going cross-eyed in front of the computer bearable. I started at that company when I was only 17, a wide-eyed freshman in college and have since become a "bona fide" professional. I have so much to be grateful for, for being given the opportunities my work provided for me and the trust and belief they instilled in me when I was so new the "real world".

Next on the agenda, I start my new job bright and early after Labor Day. Yes, this is a much larger company, and yes, I'm going corporate. But I will finally be working in a creative environment with creative people that speak the same design language as me (proofing/type/spreads/*deadlines*)! What more can a graphic designer ask for? I'm nervous and excited for what's to come, for starting all over, and most of all, beginning a new chapter of my life. This weekend I will get as organized as possible so when the mayhem begins, I will be calm as a pickle (within reason). Here's to the start of a productive weekend, time to get creative!