Breathe in, breathe out.

Let me just take a moment to breathe. October is a few days away but I feel like I'm constantly living in the future. I need to think like it's November while Chicken and I are on a mad hunt for a new apartment. And planning for the (rapidly) approaching Dentistry From the Heart event, coming up this weekend. And coming home at midnight to make center pieces and scan in photos for my mom's birthday party in two weeks. And (still) trying to make it to orchestra Wednesday nights to add a little music to my life (how I miss my violin). And trying to wake up at the crack of dawn to get my butt in shape for this half marathon my crazy self signed up for in early November. Oh yeah, I forgot to include staying at the office until midnight, spending time with my lovely (and supportive) boyfriend, and trying to squeeze in friends, family, and a life (or I suppose this is my life..).

Phew! So I've been mentally preparing for these next few months a long time ago. How do I overload my plate, do it gracefully, and maintain a happy and balanced life? I think the first part of my answer is having an extremely patient and supportive significant other (shout out to Christopher). The other part of that answer is still to be discovered as I have yet to survive all the daunting tasks coming my way. The other thing I do know is having an outlet such as this (blog) is an excellent way to take a moment and breathe. Thank YOU for reading/supporting/encouraging!

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