Time flies when you're in love.

Friday marked the early anniversary of (loving/surviving/successfully) being together for ONE whole year. Chris surprised me at the Palo Alto train station with a bouquet of lilies and we spent the evening in lovely Palo Alto eating delicious Yucca fries and sipping on strawberry mojitos (a beer for Chris) at Joya, followed by the best Walu I've ever eaten. Then we headed over to the bowling alley to reenact (parts of) our first date when we met. It was such a lovely end to a hectic week and the beginning of an amazing Mieuli weekend. The night out on the town was not only much needed but the perfect way to celebrate a year well spent in love! (More weekend posts and pictures to follow). P.S. we found my camera chord- picture uploading and blogging is back in action starting tonight!