Going Ga Ga for the Lady.

As I'm still riding my Lady Gaga high from her concert this week in San Jose, I found this picture of her marching for love and anti-discrimination in support of the fight against Prop 8. This is one of the main reasons why I'm a big fan of hers and why I'll shell out so much money to see her and support her cause. Lady Gaga is one of the leading celebrity voices for the fight against hate/Prop 8 in California.

Not only was her show amazing, proceeds benefited her pledge with RE*Generation: empowering a generation to help its own by bringing together organizations that care about homeless youth and connecting them with young people who want to help. Lady Gaga's dedication to her fans and philanthropic efforts is truly what makes her the eclectic pop star she has become. Donating to this cause does not have to be in monetary value, volunteer with RE*Generation today and support this amazing initiative!