Weekend play.

Peter Pan.
360 Degree Theater.
Peter & Chris
Chris took me to see the play Peter Pan this weekend. Originally produced in London, Peter Pan made it's debut in San Francisco in April 2010. The 360 Degree stage makes for a unique production experience. The CGI technology and talented cast kept us entertained the entire show. I loved the way they utilized the stage and the incorporation of technology and imaginative props. It was definitely an lovely evening followed by dessert and drinks at Osha Thai. I love our Friday night date nights! 
View from Point Reyes. 
Don't ________ until the cows come home. 
Early Saturday morning, we headed out to Point Reyes to catch some rays, do some hiking, and relax on the seashore. We had a nice picnic on the beach, explored the shore, and saw the famous Point Reyes Lighhouse. My favorite part of Point Reyes are the cows grazing on the hills and along the beaches. The views were amazing and the weather was just what we needed (although I think we both got a little too much sun). I can't wait to go back and do some sea kayaking with Jas and go camping with Stormy!