Good to be back.

Visalia, California

Wow time has flown, I've been back in the states for about 3 weeks now and it still has not hit me that I won't be returning to my life back in Milan. All is well though, I've managed to reunite with all of the family..except for 2 cousins. I have to say, it's good to be back and I love the USA. I was up in San Francisco for a few days searching for housing, which has become increasingly more difficult and expensive over the years. I've also been able to spend some quality time at home and over the days it's starting to feel like I never left. (Not sure if that's a good or bad thing). Now I'm in Las Vegas for our little annual family outing. Yet another vacation after my yearlong vacation, but I figured I might as well vacay it up before school starts. Anyway, I promise to do more correspondence as soon as my life is back on track. Until then happy summer and talk to you soon!