Design Week, Milano

The city is full of people as Design Week (Salone di Mobile) comes to a close. It's the designated weeks of fashion, design, architecture, etc. that reminds me why I came to Milan in the first place. Just walking down Via Tortono was such an inspiration to the creative mind. So many designers in one place voluntarily showing their work the public. What really inspires me are all the exhibitions focused around "The Green Movement." Sustainable design has been taken on by designers around the world as we are all becoming more aware of rapidly growing problem of global warming and the consumption of our planet. As I am moving ahead and in my design career, I promise to take on this outlook in eco-design in every project that I do. Salone di Mobile has been an incredible inspiration for me and I know all of the designs and functionalities will be viewed and perhaps used by the rest of the world in only a matter of time!