Paris is the new pink.

I just returned from my little getaway vacation in Paris. I know how common it is to be so "in love" with Paris, as many people are. However, I was completely enamored the second I stepped foot off my plane. Sure Milan and Paris are nothing alike, aside from the passion for fashion, but I felt a true connection to the lifestyle and the atmosphere in Paris.The people were always polite and not once did I feel like a foreigner (except for my lack of French) or that someone didn't want me there. In truth, I don't always feel quite that comfortable in Italy. I'm not sure what it was, the diversity, aesthetics, or the people, but I really did just fall in love with everything and everyone in Paris. It's the closest I've felt to home in a really long time.
Anyways, not only did I fly to and from Milan to Paris for 2 cents (yes, that's right, .02 cents), I had my first experience couchsurfing, which I would highly recommend to anyone that's interested in meeting people from all over the world, the night I wasn't couchsurfing, I stayed in the cutest and quaintest neighborhood in Paris.Not far from Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge, it felt like a hidden gem in the big sparkling city, full of little boutiques and cute cafes. Aside from all the great monuments, museums, and shopping, I'm sure anyone can appreciate the Parisian way of life. Anyone up to go back with me? :)